It’s Valentine! Show your Vagina some care 😍

It’s Valentine! Show your Vagina some care 😍

It’s Valentine! Show your Vagina some care 😍

Vaginal care is extremely critical to the general welfare of every woman and yet,  it seems to be the least part of the body people pay attention to. Most women only become conscious of the v-throne room when they have a sexual visitor, otherwise it’s business as usual.

A lot of us are so comfortable with our vaginas because we seem to overestimate the general cliche of the vagina being a “self cleansing organ”;  truth…but some of you leave Aunty vag too lonely for too long a time , sometimes they become lost in the jungle.

So it’s the season to show love, do not leave your vagina out.

when was the last time you paid attention to your vagina? Listened and was intentional about her needs, and I don’t mean those needs🙄

I’m talking about those needs that are critical to her welfare. Like changed your underwears, use 100% organic products (pinkibox) and spent time to really clean the area while in the bathroom and not quickly sprinkle some countable drops of water on her in the name of it being self cleansed.

Some of you, your underwears are competing for oldest childhood friends because you’ve prolly been using them for way too long,  you couldn’t care less but when the business in the south begins to reflect the results of an improperly cared for genital, then temperatures begin to rise.

Don’t let it get to the point where you depend on artificial products and cosmetic supplies to make yourself feel good about your cave of wonders. Love her now, and if you need a reason to, well it’s Valentine’s Day ( might as well make it your vagina’s day).

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