Time to Reimagine Your Period; Pinkibox is here

Time to Reimagine Your Period; Pinkibox is here

Time to Reimagine Your Period; Pinkibox is here

A new dawn indeed. A better age with endless possibilities. An age where women are now noticed for what they are worth and not just walking pennies and shillings, no more imprisoned by the shackles of the kitchen and adorned with smoke from the firewood that marked the only height womanhood could boast of in the time of old and of wood and of little respect for the true representation of woman-hood.

Look how far we’ve come, far past petting our husband’s farms and carrying firewood and having our periods in isolation for fear of being an abomination to our local communities at that time of the month. Wow! What a journey and how we’ve journeyed.

In honor of the story of womanhood in Africa and how far it has taken for us to get here, comes from the bosom of one such woman, a dawn of the new menstrual era. Where we are no more bound to live in isolation for fear of polluting our local communities when we are in our period, for many of us still live in that era in our minds and in our hearts and in our imaginations but guess what ; that time is over.

Say hello to PINKIBOX, your fellow African woman who understands the mental slavery of mysticism surrounding menstruation in our part of the world and has made it her singular duty to rid that for good. PINKIBOX is an online monthly subscription service to help you stock up your sanitary napkins and other period related stuff just before you need it. We’re a team of dedicated women who have tested the odds with menstruation in our part of the world and understand that the time is finally here for a different tune to be introduced into our menstrual phenomena.


Because PINKIBOX was born and borne into creation for one and only one purpose, to make menstruation easy and enjoyable to the African woman and to bridge all those barriers that the normal African girl grew up believing. With PINKIBOX, women and girls alike are re-socialized to bleed without shame, bleed free and bleed protected and with absolute comfort.

Get in touch with PINKIBOX, let’s get chatty, let’s get comfortable and above all let’s teach you how to bleed the #pinkiway and with the #pinkiVibe. If you’ve ever imagined a stress free menstrual life, PINKIBOX will make you live that imagination in real life in a much better way. Welcome aboard the PINKI-AIRWAYS, bleeding just got classier.


And lastly, our theme for this month is #Happy2Bleed. Let’s celebrate womanhood by sharing stories of our period with the hashtag #Happy2Bleed

With ❤ from the Pinkibox Team.

Nana Abena Fosua Gyamfi, CEO

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