Vagina Identification

Vagina Identification

Vagina Identification

Have you ever wondered what your vagina identity is? Would you be able to identify your Mary Ellen if you met her outside your body? Could you even tell what differentiates the something-billion vaginas walking the face of the earth?

According to, All pipiskas look pretty much alike on the inside, yeah right, you read that clearly. How creepy to know that inside Aunty Vag, it will be difficult for anyone to confidently differentiate vagina A from vagina B.

Nevertheless, while all minkies may look alike on the inside, that might not be the same case with the vulva; yes, vulvas are very different depending on all manner of factors such as race, skin tone, genetic make-up and many others. Dr. Karen Boyle of Chesapeake Urology Associates, schools us on clitoral range for instance and how that too could leave one in a pool of confusion with regards to normal or standard measurements. Dr. Boyle says “I have examined women with clitoral length of 0.5 inches all the way to 2 inches and studies confirm this variability”. She believes that medically, a matured female clitoris ranges from 2.5 millimeters to 4.5 millimeters with respect to width.  She goes on to establish the fact that there’s no standardized sized clitoral range that could be clearly used as a measure for what should be considered a normal clitoral range. Do you know your clitoral range?  Did you even know that there is something called the clitoral range? Very well then, the female clitoris isn’t just that tiny wink you see symmetrically aligned to your navel. The clitoris is in fact averagely 4 inches deeply situated in the vagina itself. Only that, almost its entire length is hidden inside the vagina itself leaving just the tiny pinkish pinch you are always greeted with at the entrance of the glory garden. There are as a matter of  fact some people on the biological studies divide who assert that the famous G-spot could even be an extension of the clitoris.  But the conversation about the good old clitoris is one for another day. For now, let’s get our attention back to identifying the famous pipiska.

Now, it will interest you to know that the shade of your southern region has nothing to do with your skin tone. Yesss… your complexion is sometimes far away from determining the color shade of your down there. Meaning, you could be snow white and still have a somewhat brown or purplish labia while a dark-skinned woman could have a lighter vulva, so don’t just assume that either a fair or dark-skinned woman will have a replicated complexion color for their vagina. Vaginas are amazingly interesting indeed.

Well guess the other interesting fact, vaginas apparently have peculiar scents as well and make no mistake, every vagina does have a scent and by now you should be well aware what your Vag city smells like.                                                                                                                                                        Of course, there are a thousand and coins reasons why your minky might smell the way it does. However, with all those factors absent, you should seriously be able to tell what your natural scent smells like. Normally, a healthy vagina will smell like a vagina, as simple as that. Nothing fowl or strong, just a subtle petting smell. Except there’s something amiss in Vag city, which could be as a result of a many other factors such as

  • A bacterial vaginosis infection,
  • Sweating heavily down there,
  • Abysmal personal hygiene or
  • Sometimes, having too much uncensored meetings between your and some random (too much unprotected heterosexual sex) among countless other reasons. But chiefly, be extra careful with these smells that I personally call the fantastic-5 designer vaginal odors:
  • Fishy Scents
  • Metallic Scents
  • Musky Scents
  • Yeasty/Bread Scents
  • Rotten Scents

Sincerely, there could be infinite reasons why the aroma in Vag city could go entirely south. The list just goes on and on and no data can conclusively exhaust all the possible reasons why one’s vaginal scent would develop some of the odors they end up having.

Which suggests, that there are enough reasons why, any woman who is still not conversant with her natural scent down there, should seriously consider spending some alone time with her. Besides, It doesn’t cost a biscuit to have “a whiff of your crotch” every once in a while, just to be sure that  Vag City is still winning ; in terms of uncompromised vaginal hygiene.

Imagine my surprise when I also found out vaginas actually have a taste too, very fabulous. This is what have to say about vaginal tastes

“The taste of a vagina comes mostly from
the fluids in it and is thus stronger inside
the vagina itself than in the external parts.
The taste is not quite sour, but somewhat
astringent, perhaps because the vagina is

after all acidic.”

Researchers establish that the taste of a woman’s vagina may however be significantly influenced by natural bodily secretions, arousal fluids, sweat and even diet. The vagina is in fact not a stranger to the woman who possesses it and therefore you should know that however your vagina turns out is as a result of the treatment you invest in it.

So given our conversation so far, if I have communicated well, then you should be well aware the areas that you should be paying attention to in other to know and tell who your vagina is with regards to her scent, colour, clitoral range and taste.

I hope I have been helpful in pointing you in the right direction with how you could easily identify your Mary Ellen in those times you may need to. Vaginas are not something you should be ashamed of, it is the door to your body and you should be able to know it well enough to know exactly what keeps her healthy at all times.

While at it, be sure of what products you put in your vagina. At Pinkibox, we believe your vagina deserves the best that is why our range of organic products, all packed in boxes to be delivered at your convenience, are a must for you.

Nana Abena Fosua Gyamfi
CEO, Pinkibox
Feminine Hygiene Advocate.

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